Park Yong Ha and the Mystery of His Suicide

I’m thinking about Park Yong Ha’s suicide (or was it an accident?) again. So I will write about my thoughts here so I can have a peace of mind.

I’m thinking why did he use a charger cord for video camera (or maybe cell phone, they don’t even know for sure) to hang himself? He was at his own home, sure he had some rope? Can you hang yourself with a charger cord? Is it strong enough? If you’re contemplating suicide, does charger cable come to mind? I mean, seriously?

Park Yong Ha’s whole life was broadcasted on TV since the beginning of his career, and now we can see them on You Tube. History of his life is there. His childhood, his parents, his first love, his girlfriend, his work, funny stories about him, etc. He was in the middle of a concert tour. He looked very happy in his last concert.

So all that time he was happy and full of life, but suddenly, one day, he was so depressed that he committed suicide without thinking further? Is that even possible?

His friends said he was too tired of taking care of his father, and he was very troubled by his father’s illness (cancer). But his mother was there too. Why would he leave her mother alone? And his father wasn’t even dead yet.

There was some rumor that he wanted to sell his car because he had money trouble. But he was in the middle of Japan tour concert. He was getting lots of money from Japanese fans. And then they donated money to build Yona School, in his name, in Chad, Africa after his death. Sure he knew that his fans didn’t have problem in giving him money? And if he died, who would pay for his debts, if he had any? His parents? His sister? Why would he commit suicide over money problem? Too weird. Doesn’t make sense to me.

I had a theory that he might be “playing” with the idea of suicide, trying to hang himself, but he didn’t really want to die. Like when you’re contemplating to jump off your balcony but never really do it? What if, on the balcony, when you are thinking about committing a suicide, and then you trip, and really fall? Will that be a suicide or accident?
Too bad for Park Yong Ha, when he did that, he got electrocuted and died.

Of course I can’t really know for sure.

What did really happen?

… I hope someday they will tell us the truth.

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